What I Am

anya-light-1Halle Roland Photography


I am the robin

and mother’s clear call to dinner


 I am the princess        and the pirate

the abused      and the disorderly

the wealthy     and the cherished

the misunderstood

the unloved, the adored


 I am the never and the always loved


 My castle is a dominion

and it crumbles in forever


My tower is forgetting

and the kingdom of something new


 What I am, love, is simple:

a dream in the streaming clouds

a tear in the flowing brow

a face in the falling mask


I am the last and the first

the never-ceasing flow

the sparrow and the grass

and the always-tepid glow


I am

the guts in the machine;

an    unalterable

sense of presence


I am multitasking



a prayer


What I am, love, is what you know

but can’t remember how


What I am, love,

is simple:

 the song in your voice

though many years from home


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