Meet Me


Meet me, whether you are quiet or not
Meet me, whether you are peaceful or not
Meet me here,
in this verse,
on this particular day

Meet me wearing the shoes
you are wearing
Meet me having the mood
you are having

Meet me

There is no discrimination

Meet me,
in this beautiful moment



Meet me in the place of Gratitude
Meet me where the trees have lost their leaves
But their heart is always warm
Meet me in the bangs and pangs of sorrow,
Or a place of pure light

Meet me when you brush
Your lover’s hand today
Or kiss your grandmother’s cheek

Meet me

Meet me, in the wine and in the bread,
Meet me
in the nourishing
of your daily breathing

Meet me

Yes, Meet me:

Meet me when all the worlds call for it

When nothing else can happen but that

Meet me

Meet me forever


                                                                                            Halle Roland Photography

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