About Being Lovers Blog

Being Lovers is a meditation. It is a confluence of memoir, blog. It attempts to answer: What is a lover? What is being? How can we love others? How can we love ourselves?

Being Lovers is one window, on one life. It is an occasion of sharing some particulars. Anya’s aim is no walls, no masks. If there is sorrow, let there be words of sorrow. If there is joy, let there be words of joy. If there are difficult truths and questions, let those be posed.

Offering visions of both mundane and exalted moments, we see love as a mirror. Present love and past love. Whispers of future love. A mix of all. Love as a vibration. Love as an action. Love, as a tenderness and a kindness. Love, as the very meaning for life.

In sum, Being Lovers envisions love as so much more than romance, so much more than we’ve been told. Ultimately, it’s about waking up. It’s about shaking up and out of our collective social conditioning, and boldly ushering in a new world—a world where love is free to come out and play.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your comments.